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Frequently Asked Questions
at the Dancing Rainbow Natural Grocery

1. You seem like a small store; do you carry what I need?

Answer: We may be small in size, but we have jam-packed our space and shelves to meet everyone's healthy nutritional needs. We pride ourselves on being up to date on what's trending in our industry, and we can order whatever you need in a timely manner. There are some items we carry specifically and consistently for only one customer; that's the beauty of being a small, customer-oriented store.

2. Because you're small, does that mean your prices will be higher than stores or the internet that can buy in bulk?

Answer: We often get discounts from our manufacturers and always pass these savings on to you. You might find lower prices on the internet on brands we do not carry, but we pride ourselves on knowing the high quality of our brands and we keep our markup as low as possible. We also offer 10% discount on supplements for seniors. Be sure to check our sale page on our website for sale items.

3. Do you have the items I see advertised on TV?

Answer: If products advertised on TV are available to the Dancing Rainbow, we will always stock them. Occasionally, these items are not available to retailers, but we often carry products that are similar, contain the same ingredients, or can be substituted for the same results. We do our best to follow the popular trends and provide what the public wants.

4. Can you help me solve a health problem?

Answer: Legally, we cannot advise, diagnose a condition or recommend products to customers. We do have literature and information available to help each customer decide on the right product for their condition. We can tell you about our products with educated knowledge, but we cannot offer medical advice. We can refer you to naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other medical professionals to help you make your own decisions about your health.

5. Do you sell gift certificates?

Answer: Yes.

6. Do you take the EBT card?

Answer: Yes.

7. Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Answer: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, and also debit cards.

8. Do you sell kitchen items and other non-food related products?

Answer: We carry tea accessories (tea balls and spoons, cups, mugs, make-your-own tea bags), mortar and pestles, incense, smudge sticks, prayer flags, socks, scarves, stainless steel water bottles, coffee mugs, heat pillows for pain, sushi rollers, aprons, etc.

9. Do you deliver?

Answer: As a rule, we do not deliver, but we are here to accommodate any reasonable request and if it is possible, we might deliver to a location in Butte. This is by special request only.

10. Do you do mail order?

Answer: We mail products to any location in the US and Canada. We will charge for the products and shipping and handling to your credit card when you call in your order.

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